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Just five minutes from the center of Lynnwood's upscale shopping and dining options and nestled on a peaceful evergreen hilltop... something wonderful is happening! Follow a winding nature drive and enter a new sanctuary - Quail Park of Lynnwood.

Quail Park is the premier senior lifestyle community for Snohomish County – offering only the finest in Retirement Living. Our philosophy is driven by your every desire... with limitless options and amenities that craft the perfect blend of tranquility and life enhancement.

Quail Park of Lynnwood...Simply your best choice in retirement living!

Amenities for the Senses

  • Scrumptious Dining - savor our Signature Dining Experience™ *
  • Pampering Spa Services - ease away any tension
  • Personal Fitness Training - personalized instruction by a professional instructor
  • Physical & Occupational Therapy - professionals offering a full-range of services
  • Inviting Pool - fitness classes or swim a few laps
  • Warm Fireplaces & Quiet Relaxation - lovely social and quiet areas throughout
  • Bailey's Pub - sample an Outstanding Wine selection
  • Concierge Services & Transportation - to fit your daily needs and whims

*Signature Dining Experience is available 7AM - 7PM

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